I have made several attempts over the last ten years to keep sketchbooks. I tend to rotate projects in several disciplines like sewing, bookbinding, embroidery, beading, bead embroidery, quilting, and knitting, so I have found it hard to keep at the sketchbook regularly.

This time I will do a weekly prompt of my own creation and try that method to experience a more methodical practice in 2015. A friend and I are planning to work on this together so I have typed up the weekly prompts, which you can find in the Sketch 52 Prompts tab under the header of the blog.

I used a dictionary to randomly pick prompts as I enjoy a more free-form approach to creativity.




4 Responses to About

  1. I love that you use dictionaries to find random prompts. Great idea! It is really inspiring to have people open their sketchbooks and have a peek inside. How challenging was it to keep up the project? I am thinking to start up something similar, and want to keep up the momentum through all 52 weeks.

    Thanks for sharing!


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