Overview of My Pretend Travel Journal to Chile

This will be a pretend travel journal for the country of Chile with a 52-week itinerary.

I will be using a hardcover Stillman and Birn Zeta sketchbook in the 8.5 x 11 inch size which has 26 pages (52 double-sided) and front and back endpapers. I painted an impasto strip as a base on the cover and then painted an abstract with acrylic paint including a copper paint that suggests the copper mines of Chile.


I’m calling the sketchbook Terra Advertentia, which means Land of Awareness (knowledge, attention) in Latin, and that is what it will be for me amid my excitement of discovery and study. This is the page with the itinerary.

The endpapers will be used for a title page and concluding page, I am going to push myself to design fuller pages this year, sometimes including the poetry of Pablo Neruda who is a favourite poet of mine, sometimes using other writing or bits from history relevant to the prompt. I also have a discarded library copy of a 1977 edition of the Collins Spanish Dictionary, should I wish to throw in a few Spanish words or titling.

My other references will be Bird: The Definitive Visual Guide and one of my favourite books, The World’s Most Spectacular Reptiles & Amphibians.


As my main guide I am using a DK Eyewitness Travel book called Chile & Easter Island that is divided into 7 zones, so I’m dividing my weeks into 7 sections for these areas. I am also using a book called A Wildlife Guide to Chile by Sharon Chester, and the book 500 Insects: A Visual Reference by Stephen Marshall.

Pablo would approve I’m sure, since all three of his houses are on my itinerary.


I originally developed this idea three years ago, but I was so out of practice with drawing that I couldn’t start it. So I spent the last two years sketching and drawing in an older sketchbook, and now I feel ready to tackle an exploration of Chile with a better sketchbook and better grade of art supplies.

I like to have goals in life!

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6 Responses to Overview of My Pretend Travel Journal to Chile

  1. Beverly King says:

    Looks like you’ve got plenty of reference books for your ‘trip’ to Chile. I hope you’ll be sharing some of your ‘postcards’ with us!


    • Yes, I’ll be sharing my pagers eventually. This is such an ambitious itinerary and there are so many interesting things to draw.

      You can never have too many attendant books on a subject. Part of the fun. 😉


  2. This looks gorgeous! I’m excited to go along on your voyage of discovery 🙂


    • Hi Chloe! I never travel or have money to travel so this is pretty exciting for me too. It’s one of those things: if you are interested in other countries and can’t travel, what can you do? Make a pretend journal. I think I might go to Norway after this one, but this one is going to take years, so I’m in the moment.

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      • One of my grandmas used to read travel books like they were novels. She hardly ever left her home, but she loved the idea of distant places 🙂 I’ve been lucky to travel quite a bit, in the past. Not so much now, with the kids. Still, I’ve never been to Chile… 🙂


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