Overview of Month 12 – Weeks 49 to 52 – Final

What a journey it has been. Thanks to my friends Rose and Bev for doing this with me. I doubt I would have persevered with the habit without them. Rose dropped out in November 2015 and I pretty much put the project on hold until the latter part of 2016, when I finally finished it. Bev gets a medal for persevering on her own and finishing on time and in the correct year!

Bev went on to create a card deck and booklet called Elements of Recovery after this project. Click on the card on this page to see her artwork for each card. The tenacity Bev has is a good influence on me, a procrastinator who struggles with completing things on time.

So here is our final overview of the last four weeks.

I did a view of a rock face of the Canadian Shield and some wildflowers in a shield shape. Bev did one of those lovely native American pieces of art with symbolism for a shield or amulet.


I struggled with the roof of this darn kiosk and finally gave up, but I created a nice verse to go with it, always a bonus if your artwork doesn’t quite measure up (pun!)

Bev was working on a Christmas theme of a wreath kiosk. Someone has taken a break for a bit of rum punch, or a kiss with Santa, while in the middle of cutting boughs for a new wreath. Funny how that happens.


There is something about cutlery, isn’t there? All those shapes and finishes, leaving you gaping at bundles of cutlery in the shop, wondering if the Japanese cutlery would be nicer to have than the German, and thinking about the varying shapes of fork tines and embellishment on handles, or whether there is any embellishment at all in a brushed nickel minimalist knife compared to a Louis XIV butter knife with fancy scrolls and doodads climbing up the handle. “Hey, you say, that knife would go well with that antique butter plate I found in a shop in Creemore, Ontario”, and you are left finally juxtaposing Scandinavian cutlery with the French and contemplating prices…

Of course this happens to us all.


You know the end of the television version of The Cat in the Hat, when the cat is singing a sad little song as he brushes up all the mess he has made? That’s what I feel like now as I exit the door in farewell contemplating future endeavours.


Goodbye 2015 in 2016, I had such a lovely, lovely time with my human companions and my steadfast art supplies. I felt kind of silly mentioning every time in my materials list the Staedtler 2H pencil I use for initial sketches, but he WAS there and should be mentioned, the dear old fellow has been around since 1982.


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4 Responses to Overview of Month 12 – Weeks 49 to 52 – Final

  1. Beverly King says:

    You really caught the swirly movement of the mop. I envy your talent (but appreciate it too)! 😀 You have been and are a wonderful art mentor for folks like me.


    • Thanks Bev! I enjoy talking about art–I let mine go for so many years. I was a bit out of practice with these last ones, so it makes sense to do a bit every day and keep those eye-to-hand skills in good shape.

      I am so glad you are going to keep making art!!! Way to be, as we used to say.


  2. These are all delightful, in such different ways. I love the architectural kiosk, even if the roof isn’t perfect – the colours and lines are just lovely. And Bev’s shield is so simple and strong. Amusing that you both went with something funny for mop 😀

    Thanks for sharing this journey with us, I’ve very much enjoyed it!


    • Thanks Chloe! I think we all had fun, it was so nice to get the practice and finally finish. I just wanted to say how heartening I have found your comments over the last two years–it’s always good to get encouragement.


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