Where Am I?

I am behind because I am moving cross-country and I was out of the province travelling for almost two weeks in an attempt to find housing.

I’m not sure if I can catch up right now, I’m trying to do a couple of sketches this week. However, I am taking a stripped-down kit of art supplies and my art journals with me so I will finish this project for 2015 in early 2016. I will be living in a motel for a time so I’ll need a good focus while I am in limbo, and sketching will be perfect.

When all else fails and you are adrift, you can count on art to keep you grounded and creative. Plus I’m taking all my fountain pens and ink with me.

When I finish up the prompts from this year, I hope to do some sketching of local towns, buildings, and stores during my wandering and post them here.

Have a good 2016 everybody and remember to use your art supplies and have fun!


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10 Responses to Where Am I?

  1. Good luck in your move, I hope you settle in soon. I am like you as long as I have some art supplies I can settle in most places. Karen


  2. Have a great trip/smooth move and enjoy sketching!


  3. Chloe says:

    Yes, moving home is very ungrounding. Good luck keeping yourself with your feet on the ground and your sketchpad in hand 🙂


    • Thanks Chloe. Today I’m trying to get the oven cleaned for the new people. Giving baking soda and vinegar a try to avoid chemical oven cleaners. How exciting is THAT??? How much more grounded than to clean the oven? Ha-ha.

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      • chloetarot says:

        Oooh, oven cleaning, be still my beating heart 😀 My partner spent an hour cleaning the oven pan after we’d cooked the Christmas goose – like you, we try to avoid chemicals. Hope you’re hands aren’t too dried out from the cleaning, JJ!


  4. Hope it all goes well, been there done that! And having a constant drawing project does help, it gives you a daily focus when all about you is change. Sue


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