Overview of Month 10 – Weeks 40 to 43

Here we are again with only two months and nine more pictures to go for the year!

I think we all enjoyed doing this one. Rose did a lovely inky sketch and poem with words coming from an obvious enjoyment of drawing with ink. I did my latest yummy ink, called Yama-Budo from Pilot Iroshizuku, and Bev did a beautiful tattoo. More amazement from all at our varied interpretations.


Who doesn’t love a radio? I grew up in a house where the radio was on softly all the time. It was great, a great background to life. Rose has a similar vibe going on with an old radio, the style of which she remembers, ouch! And Bev did a car radio from an old car of hers. My radio was taken from a newer radio made to look retro, but I blobbed my own decoration on.

I still have the radio on most days, only it’s tuned to jazz…jazz baby, the only way to go.


More strange and glorious interpretations. Rose did a sitar atop a photo of a local performer who had “buttery sounds.” Bev did yummy movie theatre popcorn, which reminds me of Saturday afternoons at the Odeon theatre I went to as a child, and I did an antique wooden butter mold.


Rose did a swishy dragonfly for this one, and I did a polymer clay pin. Bev did a “lubber” which is what some grasshoppers are called. I went to my big book on insects and see “lubber” all over the place in identification, and yet it never sunk in until Bev told me about this one. Isn’t that wonderful how a sketching project can teach you, can lead to awareness of things that have passed you by?

It’s a big, old, interesting world.


See you next month for various interpretations of Nutcracker, Chickasaw, Periscope, Quay and Cubism.

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7 Responses to Overview of Month 10 – Weeks 40 to 43

  1. Beverly King says:

    So much fun to see how differently we interpreted all the prompts. Love both the “buttery” sounding sitar Rose did and your lovely butter mold. I’ve learned a lot from doing these prompts too! 🙂


  2. Roseanne Dix says:

    Many many thanks Jude dear, for all the work you put into our assignments. Wonderful to see different interpretations. Ive learned words I had absolutely no conception of………….thank heavens for dear old auntie google…you will see what I mean next month ..watch this space.


    • I know you have mentioned “Chickasaw” several times, but I’m sure it won’t outfox you.

      I find that Google and Amazon have the best search engines. It’s wonderful to get pages and pages of visuals instantly when you’re needing a nudge toward an idea. Auntie Google is our friend!


  3. The months are passing, great to see the group is still together and still drawing, always interesting to see the individual interpretations of the brief. Sue


    • It’s so much fun to see the overview Sue. Rose and Bev send me their pictures each month, but they don’t see each other’s work until I do the overview. We all get such a kick from it.

      Next year I shall be travelling solo on my imaginary trip to Chile in the sketchbook, so I shall miss the exuberance of these different interpretations. My companions are a delight this year though.

      I got a bit panicked because I was five drawings behind, now I’m just one behind. It pays to put the effort in so that the group stays together for our project, it has been of great benefit to me personally during a difficult year.

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  4. Such wonderful variety! xo


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