Week 41: Radio

This is based on an Evoke Mio radio, but I used my own leaves, dots, and triangles for the background. I labelled one of the buttons “God” in memory of the old gospel song Turn Your Radio On.

When in doubt, and when you’re fed up with symmetry, dash some blobs and dots and junk in there. Crikey, I thought I’d never finish this, I was at it for 4 hours or something.

I want this radio in my kitchen, with a vase of flowers beside it.

Materials I used:

Staedtler 2H pencil
Faber-Castell Polychromos coloured pencils
Staedtler Karat Aquarelle watercolour pencils
Lamy Safari pen with Noodler’s Blue Upon the Plains of Abraham ink

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4 Responses to Week 41: Radio

  1. Beverly King says:

    I remember hauling radios like that to the beach. Now everyone has their ipods I suppose. Love how you did the shadow of the speaker. You are really cranking them out, which reminds me I have one due today that I haven’t started on!


    • Yes, I remember them too. This particular design is supposed to look retro, but it has all kinds of buttons for iPod attachment and such. That speaker shadow took me a while to figure out, and it worked although it took a long time.

      Oh boy, I wish I could crank them out, my arm is getting sore, but I’ve got three more to do to catch up. I WILL catch up!!! One today for Buttery at least, and maybe if I can sketch Insect today and colour it tomorrow. Nutcracker I have something planned but it might take longer. Whew.

      I get so tired after these house viewings. We had three last week and then I only got 3 hours of sleep one night–I was a bit of a wreck.

      I’ve got the itinerary all typed up and proofread for next year’s Imaginary Trip and prompts–that took me three days, so I will post it maybe in December.


  2. Roseanne Dix says:

    Lovely radio….wouldn’t mind one like that..Mine is hidden in the depths of my laptop …times change.


    • Times change but they aren’t as fun. It reminds me of Thomas Moore’s Care of the Soul book where he remarks on how clinical our computers are and wouldn’t they be more fun with carved feet and such.


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