Overview of Month 9 – Weeks 36 to 39

Another month gone! I think we did some really nice sketches this month. I am, as always, amazed at the different interpretations we did.

Rose took this one quite literally and did an outline sketch, but I loved the way she varied her lines. I had a new nib for my dip pen on the brain and did a more abstract idea of a written outline for how I was testing different inks with the dip pen, and Bev outlined a human body at a crime scene.


For the word “Panel” Rose sketched a beater’s tool for hammering a metal panel, and I did a carved wooden panel on a Punch-in-the-Box, and Bev did a panel of people at a World Peace Conference. All different, that is such a kick to see.


Rose did a wonderful sketch inspired by the song from the late 1950s called Green Door, which delighted me because my Mother loved that song. I did a Tree of Life using crewel needlework references, and Bev did a green iris from a human eye with a lovely splodgy depth of colour.


I was so far behind again on this one. I’ve been sewing a gift and keep hurting my neck and knee using the sewing machine. Rose did a shimmering quarter moon from the southern hemisphere for this, I did a patchwork pillow on a bentwood chair (with a slightly wonky right shoulder), and Bev did a quarterback from American football.


All different again, and it’s such a delight every month to see the visual comparison of our ideas across the board.

Only two more months to go. Next year I am going to make it more complicated, doing an imaginary trip to Chile in a larger sketchbook, a Stillman and Birn hardcover Zeta sketchbook.

But you see, all this year I have been practicing my sketching, so I should be able to do next year’s work much better.

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7 Responses to Overview of Month 9 – Weeks 36 to 39

  1. Beverly King says:

    I love it when you do the monthlies, as I get to see how differently our minds think from a creative standpoint. My favorites are Rose’s lovely lady for ‘outline’ and her starry ‘quarter’ moon, and of yours, the pen and paper ‘outline’ along with your lovely quilted pillow for ‘quarter.’ I’ve still done nothing for ‘buttery’ – off to consider my options! Thank you Judy for keeping us organized and posting these for us. 🙂


  2. chloetarot says:

    I adore these monthly overviews, too. As you say, such different visions and approaches. Rose’s outline is so elegant, and Bev’s crime scene outline made me laugh – such a modern phenomenon. I love your wonky chair and pillow for quarter, and Rose’s beautiful shimmery moon. And it feels like that green iris just draws you in, a true window to the soul. So many interesting sketches! 😀


  3. It’s amazing when you see everyone’s work together and noticeable how regular practice improves skills and confidence.


    • It really does improve confidence Sue. I am at the point where I don’t dither around, I can sit down and draw fairly well. I’m also amazed at how much more intuitive mixing watercolours to get particular colours has become.

      “They” always say practice is necessary but this nice, slow build of skills over the year has been a revelation for me.


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