Week 36: Outline

I started this idea last week when I was writing letters with a new nib for my dip pen. I was keeping a list of what worked and what didn’t, and I thought this would be good for an outline for an essay or project.

The pen in this drawing is modelled from my own pen, which uses a plain old black plastic Speedball holder. I feel, like I do with fountain pens, that manufacturers could do so much more to decorate these holders with colours and designs, so I took liberties with the colour. The nib is a J.B. Mallat and I wrote on the “stationery” with that particular nib in my dip pen.

My dip pen, which is boring black plastic, instead of pink and blue with dots……


Page curl alert in the lower right.

Materials used:

HB pencil
Faber-Castell Polychromos coloured pencils
Dip pen with J.B. Mallat Baratier No. 23 nib
Noodler’s Blue Upon the Plains of Abraham ink




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4 Responses to Week 36: Outline

  1. Coolness – I’ve been looking into dip pens. Not sure I can fuss with one …


    • They aren’t too bad, but you need a nib with some kind of reservoir so you have to dip them less. On this one, someone had glued a tiny piece of coiled copper wire that acted as a reservoir–it works great, I can write five sentences or so before having to dip.

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  2. Beverly King says:

    This looks real enough to pick up straight off your drawing pad. 🙂 And I definitely prefer the blue with pink dots pen to your other one!


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