Overview of Month 7 – Weeks 26 to 30

Whee, we finally made it, or rather I finally made it, I was so far behind.

There’s nothing like a good architectural sketch, so I enjoyed all these. The salient memory for me is that I got to try out the new Noodler’s Blue Upon the Plains of Abraham ink in my Lamy Safari pen with the medium nib—I love that pen. Rose did two sketches for this week.


The thing about abstracts is that they are way more complicated and hard to arrange than one might think. The one Rose showed was a previous piece of art in a frame her late husband made; I thought this was special for that reason.


For this one Rose used a quote from Sylvia Plath’s book The Bell Jar, and I loved the detail in Bev’s of the incense burning in the background.


I loved sketching my rice milk box on a card table out on the lawn, and Rose was thinking out of the box, and Bev was rescuing kittens abandoned in cardboard.


Bev told me when she sent her picture that she had almost done a hermit crab but thought she should challenge herself more. Rose and I went with what we like to draw, hermit crabs!


So, that’s the wrap-up for this month. It seemed to fly by.




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6 Responses to Overview of Month 7 – Weeks 26 to 30

  1. Roseanne Dix says:

    always big gratitude to Jude for doing all this wonderful extra work – AND for indulging me in my most imperfect work. I suppose with moving to such a tiny space I just lack the enthusiasm to do proper paintings. I am very dissatisfied with what I produce – maybe one day Ill get my mojo back.


    • It’s no problem Rose, I like to see our monthly work juxtaposed. Once I made the intial template in Photoshop, I only need to cut and paste all our work into the template and save every week–I enjoy doing it.

      I know what you mean about mojo–you were the one who got me going painting, so I find it hard to see you going through this phase. BUT I still find your work has vitality. Loved what you did for “Elongate” and Bev did a nice one too. If I ever get this house viewing over today I am working on mine too.


  2. chloetarot says:

    Well done to all of you for carrying on with the challenge, overcoming home disruptions and other obstacles along the way, and coming up with such interesting images! I absolutely adore Bev’s hermit, and the crabs are also lovely 😀 I’d never thought about the complications of abstracts, so that’s interesting to read about and ponder. Lovely!


    • Thanks Chloe, it was a strange month, full of stress, so I’m quite pleased we got through it.

      I have two books on painting abstracts, and they look easy and fun until you go in there and try to pull one off. It’s interesting though–always good to challenge oneself.


  3. Beverly King says:

    I think after seeing yours and Rose’s pilasters, you both could have done well at architectural design. Abstract was just too abstract for me, lol. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing; I was completely in the dark about what that was. Judy, you and Rose make watercolor look so simple and easy while at the same time beautiful. I love both the crabs. 🙂 Both of you have a lot going on, and I’m amazed with the “out of the box” artwork you two have turned out. 🙂


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