Overview of Month 6 – Weeks 21 to 25

Another good month of progress. I was pretty late in sketching and posting mine this month. I didn’t feel well, so kept procrastinating. I don’t know what other people are like, but when I feel sick I tend to read almost exclusively. I should probably take my cue from Frida Kahlo, who kept on painting during long bouts of pain and illness.

Rose says she “cheated” on the Netting in Week 23, but she did collage which seems perfectly legitimate to me. In Week 25 for Aquarium, she did a digital painting over a photograph for interest.

I really loved Bev’s Kingfisher for Piebald in Week 21 and her pillbox hat for Netting. For me, I think I enjoyed doing Doeskin in Week 24 most, although trying to suggest cross stitch in the Workbag for Week 22 was fun.

What I like about sketching is that you look back on the art and remember the circumstances of painting it; how you felt, what the weather was like, where you sat to paint it, all such things.

Click to enlarge.











Now it’s on to another month, our SEVENTH, if you can believe that. Where did the year go?



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2 Responses to Overview of Month 6 – Weeks 21 to 25

  1. Beverly King says:

    It doesn’t seem possible that we’ve done this for six months! My favorites are Rose’s lovely doe and your moccasins (actually a tie with your aquarium).


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