Week 23: Netting

I am so late with this as I had a bit of a problem with a swollen, bruised leg after a fall and was feeling pretty icky for a few days.

This is mosquito netting over a daybed with lots of pillows. I was intrigued with the various contraptions used to hang mosquito netting. Some of them looked absolutely useless in a practical sense but so beautiful and gauzy draped over beds, but this one looked like it would actually work.


Materials I used:

Staedtler 2H pencil
Faber-Castell B, 4B, and 6B pencils


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10 Responses to Week 23: Netting

  1. feel better – I want that sofa and netting xo


  2. Roseanne Dix says:

    Now why did I iknow this would one perfect rendition by my good friend ? Its a beautiful drawing Judith. I could just sit there and read and read and read. How lovely.


  3. mooninfog says:

    I hope you’re on the upswing 🙂
    Our old bamboo daybed can’t stand up to the elements. I commissioned a friend to build one of reclaimed redwood. So far he’s planed the wood and, hm, I’m waiting. I had the mattress and bolsters covered in resilient awning-grade sunbrella. All by way of saying, one of these days we’ll have an outdoor daybed again.
    But no netting.


    • Oooooh, you always do decorating in a lovely Bohemian, tasteful way Debra. Do send pictures of this new daybed when it is finished. No netting on Bug Island? I thought the mosquitos were the size of grapes there.


      • mooninfog says:

        Ha. Less bohemian–I was overcome by a minimalist midcentury modern urge. So less stuff, and still not midcentury. The back is full of mosquitos, but the lanai is breezy and they can’t hold their own. Hope you’re feeling better!


        • Do I see teak coffee tables and furniture in your future?

          Not feeling better, but thanks for the thought. The spouse expects me to move furniture and books today, not sure what disconnected universe he is inhabiting. I’ve been calling him “Laughing Boy” because he kept making jokes about my leg and sniggering about people falling over his planters. Yup, it’s pretty funny. Not.


  4. Beverly King says:

    Oh my, that is so lovely. I can almost feel the breeze. 🙂 My mom went on a trip to eastern Africa and they had nets that they pulled around the beds every night. I would feel like I was in Tales of the Arabian Nights with one of those.


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