Week 20: Six

Wow, 20 weeks already. I’ll be back later with a monthly overview.

I knew I wanted to draw a big number six for this. I originally thought I’d draw a lizard climbing up the back of the six but while browsing my favourite book, The World’s Most Spectacular Reptiles & Amphibians, for photo references I saw a couple of frogs that I thought would “cling” better to the six.


This is the Common Polka Dot Treefrog (Hyla punctata punctata) from South America, and the amazing thing about them is that they become almost red at night. You can see they have distinctive red spots, but at night they proliferate, making the frog look red.

Not wanting this to look too much like a Sesame Street number, I thought a dark indigo with gold accents simulating cloisonné would be great. It was fiddly to execute the gold, I think I preferred it without it but I wanted to try it.


You can just see the iridescence on some of the gold outlines. He looks happy and is thinking about a trip to China so he can see some real cloisonné. You know you did the right thing when your main subject wants to travel, inspired by your background.

Materials I used:

Staedtler 2H pencil
Van Gogh watercolours
Golden fluid acrylic in iridescent dark gold (fine)

I thought I’d show a picture of my sunporch where I was working this week. It was nice to sit there drawing and painting and watching the birds, seeing the chipmunks run around and the swallows nesting. This porch is not winterized so I can only work there in late Spring and Summer. Oh, but the light is beautiful, and the chittering of the wrens keeps me company.




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6 Responses to Week 20: Six

  1. chloetarot says:

    Love, love, love the frog! He looks like he’s in seventh heaven, or maybe that should be in a beautiful rainforest of sixes 😀 And your sunporch looks delightful, so lovely to be close to nature, but still with the comforts of home 🙂


    • Thanks Chloe, I am not too interested in frogs but his position in the photo was perfect for this, and as I read about him I realized how fascinating he is.

      That porch is great to get away from the mosquitoes and black flies yet still enjoy nature. Mind you, when the dogs go in an out they bring a pile of mosquitoes so periodically you have to kill off a few on the porch.


  2. Roseanne Dix says:

    Judes the gold works beautifully. Love your contribution. I had a feeling you might do a number illie.
    OOh that porch – I see you have two chairs, so just brew up the jasmine tea – Ill be over.


  3. Beverly King says:

    How did I miss your post of your sun porch? It looks like a cozy nook, a nice hideaway for sketching and dreaming. Sunlight really does help me to see better when I’m drawing.


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