Overview of Month 5 – Weeks 17 to 20

I am continually amazed at the great leap of associations we each have for a word. I’m a great lover of tangents and secondary exploration so this makes perfect sense to me when people come up with odd things. Again this month, I am so grateful for our contributions and ideas, it really makes a difference in my life to have this commitment.

YEARS I spent dithering about making art. Now I find that I have developed the confidence to sit down and draw.

Click to enlarge:






Not once in twenty weeks have we ever done something the same. It is so much fun to see what we come up with.




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8 Responses to Overview of Month 5 – Weeks 17 to 20

  1. Beverly King says:

    What a cute little frog – you really have a talent for painting reptiles and amphibians. I’m still in awe of what you and Rose come up with each week. Love Rose’s zipper hairstyle. My favorite of yours is a tie between the frog and the Tibetan shell trumpet. 🙂


    • Thanks, I like reptiles and amphibians. Childhood friends of mine had two iguanas and I found them fascinating if a bit scary.

      I liked Rose’s yak–she has a real talent for painting animals. And your Zippy Zinnias was great. We did some really neat stuff this month.


  2. Roseanne Dix says:

    Judith, this “”änthology”” that you do for us is so appreciated. So interesting to see our work like this – aren’t we good little girls. Thank you again for putting this together and for being the catalyst way back in January.
    There are times when the words you have chosen cause a slight tightening of the heart muscles and a hurried swish through Google, but Im learning – not sure what – but I AM learning. Maybe next year I will throw in some of my “under- side of the world”” words.


  3. Ahhhhhh, now next year I was wanting to do an Imaginary Trip. Remember I bought that journal and decorated the cover with swirls and copper paint? I was going to do an imaginary trip to Chile in there and bought one travel guide and one guide to the animals and plants of Chile.



    I got bogged down because I was so out of practice with drawing, but this year I will get some practice and then be ready for my trip.

    Soooo, I would like to resurrect that next year as the weekly sketchbook project. I am still planning out how to designate each week. it would be more free-form than a word prompt because you would have the region or city of the week as a prompt and then choose whatever you wanted to draw, from cafes and museums, architecture, arts, crafts, animals, plants etc. that were relevant. You could even do a montage of several things and write or do research.

    My sketchbook has 26 pages, so if used each side that would be 52, and then I have the endpapers to do a title page and a concluding page.

    I suppose if you wanted to, you could also append a word prompt of your choice to something like that. Now, I’m going to Chile but you could go on an imaginary trip to another place, and yet we could still work together weekly–all kinds of ways to do it, but I have my heart set on exploring Chile as I’d planned in Jan 2014.

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  4. chloetarot says:

    I love seeing these round-ups 🙂 As you say, all so different and all so beautiful. Now, I’m excited about vicariously visiting Chile, too 😀


  5. Lovely post with all the brilliant drawings and the effort put in by everyone, amazing each persons interpretation, looks like a really fun project and by doing it together you keep each other on track. Sue


    • We do keep each other going. Bev and Rose are much busier than I am and still they keep posting. It keeps me committed and they are committed when they see me drawing. I never thought we’d get to this point as I always tend to drift off with sketching projects, which was why I wanted to try one more time to keep to a schedule, but just working with people who follow through makes a big difference.

      Thanks Sue, I really find these monthly overviews astounding.

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