Overview of Month 3 – Weeks 9 to 12

More eye candy. It’s great fun to try different materials. Rose often takes hers into Paint Shop Pro to add text. I keep trying to improve my ability to hand write titling but I need to work on it. Maybe when my calligraphy fountain pen arrives?

Click to enlarge.





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4 Responses to Overview of Month 3 – Weeks 9 to 12

  1. Beverly King says:

    Google seems to be swallowing my comments again. Feel free to delete any doubles. 🙂 You did great with the grids. It is so cool to see how differently we sometimes interpret the prompt each week. You and Rose are so talented! It is also nice to have something fun to look forward to each week. 🙂


  2. I’m delighted to see the three variations on a theme – gives such a different perspective, all so original. I’m especially impressed with your dragon on the Meissen, Bev, and also the shading on the patella. And I still love the party in a jar! As for Rose’s, the bird is beautiful, and the knees are so reminiscent of my childhood 😀


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