Week 6: Peanut

I find it hard to get the contrast in watercolour, which is often something beginners do  This is something I want to work on, but the paper was starting to shred under the peanut so I figured that was enough. You can’t quite see the details in the peanut flowers, they are like tiny orchids and there are stripey bits around the inner petal.




My continual refrain to pull myself back from overworking it: “It’s a sketch, not a watercolour painting!” Darn, I just noticed that the flowers are out of scale (too big) in relation to the leaves. Some of them anyway. I was trying to fit everything on the oval for a vine. It’s an interpretation I suppose rather than photo-realism.

The materials I used:

Staedtler 2H pencil
Van Gogh watercolours
Prismacolor coloured pencils
Faber-Castell Polychromos coloured pencils
Staedtler Karat Aquarelle watercolour pencils



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4 Responses to Week 6: Peanut

  1. Beverly King says:

    You have such an eye for detail as well as the whole. I’m like the person who brings home a framed picture I like, versus an interior designer who could make all the room look “together.” I shall be ashamed to show you my peanut this week, lol! I worked for a year in a federal lab testing peanut samples from fields for aflatoxin from dusk to dawn for a year. I thought I would never eat anything labeled peanut again! It was pure grunt work mostly, but an interesting side of farming most people don’t see.


  2. I loved your Peanut sketch. No shame at all, it was a good drawing and that paper bag was wonderful.

    You are FULL of interesting stories. Imagine working in a lab testing peanuts for carcinogens, I am bowled over.


  3. tarottiferet says:

    I think this image is beautiful. Correct scale or not, I think it’s more than a sketch. Great work! So decorative, which is your style.


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