Week 5: Hessian

When I recently read the book The Power of the Herd by Linda Kohanov, which is about leadership and innovation with lots of historical examples, she had a lot of information about Hessian soldiers that were paid to fight on the side of the British in the American Revolutionary War. I hadn’t realized that, and surprisingly, many of them deserted to fight with the Americans. Many thousands more went home after the war and came back to live in the United States.

So when the word Hessian came up while I was searching through the dictionary for words for this study, I thought it would be fun to explore. Unfortunately, it coincided with a stressful week where all I wanted to do was bury my head in a book and read to escape.

I could have chosen to do 15 minutes per day and keep up, solidify my initial idea, but I chose not too; I procrastinated. On Sunday I was scrambling to get those ideas down and nothing was working. I had a dream the night before that I’d signed up for two college courses, and after a couple of weeks had disappeared, coming back a month later to find that I was far behind, it was like I had dropped out. On waking I wondered why I was dreaming such things and realized that it was about this weekly sketch commitment.

I was going to draw a Hessian soldier, a scrap of Hessian fabric (also known as burlap) and a jute plant. I ended up with a misfire drawing of the weave of burlap that I turned into a sitar from the planet Zoltar (as you do) and a couple of doodles of calligraphy.


In my circular ode to failure I wrote:

Burlap by another name
Why am I doing this
What happened to me
Where did my mind travel to this week?
I disappeared, I lost the PLOT
This is lame

And yet, I do still have an idea, although not my original one, and I have space at the top of this page to try again, to complete it. Since I am in a panic about keeping up, I shall go on to the next week’s word and when I get a few days I hope to do up another drawing for this.

I’ll be back one day to update this.


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6 Responses to Week 5: Hessian

  1. chloetarot says:

    My partner always says there is a reason for everything, but I say, sometimes life just happens. Whichever side you fall on, I like your doodles. They remind me that I used to do zentangles, and would love to get back to that – a form of art where I don’t feel a total failure every time 😀


  2. Beverly King says:

    I didn’t know Hessian was a type of burlap (Google neglected to inform me of that, lol). And jute is where it comes from?


    • It can come from jute or sisal, with other vegetative material mixed in. Some manufacturer’s mix other plants in there. AND I know the name but never really considered what sisal was–it’s a Mexican plant, looks a bit spiky like an aloe, or actually an agave plant, because it is! Agave sisalana–who knew.

      Burlap is exactly the same as hessian cloth, although the burlap we use today is a closer weave because we use it for nice bags and clothing.

      Isn’t it amazing how we can know words, even know what they refer to, but not actually know the root or meaning? It’s such a kick when you find out–like a window on the mystery of life, the depth of it all.

      (I nod sagely [pun] and look at the starry sky as I walk off stage.)


  3. Roseanne Dix says:

    what can I say – superb as always !


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