A Year-Long Project for Sketching

I came upon an old sketchbook from January 2006. I had bought a new journal and joined a group to do a daily sketch, but no one ever created anything because the people wanted to chat about personal problems and such, and did not use their art materials; it seemed pointless so I left after a few weeks.

When I browsed through this sketchbook I thought I’d reboot the project and asked a friend of mine who had been involved in that project with me if she’d be interested in a weekly word prompt for sketching. We both agreed it would give us a good focus without the burden of trying to keep up to a daily sketch.


On the cover of my old sketchbook I had collaged some pressed plants from the garden, and inside I put a quote from the beginning of Dante Alighieri’s Inferno along with an illustration by William Blake of the opening scene. Almost nine years later it still gives me a thrill.


The header on this blog uses a snippet from one of the sketches I did then. I like the discipline and inspiration this sort of project can give me, and yet it gives me an entire week to sketch. There are several big online groups that do this sort of thing but I find the volume overwhelming so I shall putter away here.


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4 Responses to A Year-Long Project for Sketching

  1. chloetarot says:

    That quote is incredibly atmospheric! Shall look forward to seeing the sketches, always inspirational to a non-artist like myself 🙂


  2. raggedpoet says:

    Love the quote too…! I am going to try and join you on this journey… can we just be inspired by the word and interpret it how we wish? I love your entries so far, the cornbread made me hungry and the spangles, well, I thought they were actual sequins stitched on!!!


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